Tuesday, January 26, 2010


For Christmas we got a Canon SLR Rebel T1i. We love it and have taken almost 1000 pictures with it already. We did Christmas morning with Grandma and Grandpa Kaiserman. Grandma was pretty dang funny
Grandpa got most of the gifts haha

Most of the 1000 pictures are of our kid, Tripp. She is such a good model when the camera comes out.


It's so funny to take pictures of the dogs running. They make some pretty funny faces.

It's even funnier when her and Shasta are running together. What a hoot!

Thanksgiving shoot

Thanksgiving morning a beautiful and we did our thanksgiving tradition, shotgun shooting.
We play shotgun knockout. It's just like knockout in basketball, but with shotguns and clay pigeons. ALways a good time.
Don't you just love the dusty Price desert? I do

Cameron took his turn on the thrower

Jessica likes to be as good as the boys (she thinks she's better haha)

Knockin them out down the line.....

It came down to me and Pete, and he won (lucky shot.) Our trophy is dads coveted Joy Mining belt buckle. Pete gets to wear it this year. He better enjoy it, cause he won't get it again!