Monday, May 24, 2010

Same Place, Different Activity

Soooo.... Moab... haha. We had nothing to do this weekend, so we decided we'd test out our new bikes on the famous Slickrock Trail in Moab. It's nice enough to camp outside now, so we went down with camping in mind. We left after work, so we got there around 8:00pm. I had a few campsites in mind in case some were full, and we drove around for three hours only to find that every campground in Moab was FULL!!! Not one site anywhere. Good thing we have a backup building.

We got tired of flat air mattresses, so we invested in these sweet cots. They are actually just as comfortable and will never go flat.

We planned to roast hot dogs over our campfire for dinner, and no camp site = no camp fire. No camp fire = no roasting hot dogs. No roasting hot dogs = no dinner. So we imporvised.

Actually turned out pretty good, and we didn't go hungry. Before we left for the trail we rode our bikes down mainstreet and that was a blast. And of course we had to hit up the local t-shirt shops. It was fun to do that part on the bikes and not have to find places to park. In Moab there are bike racks all along main street so there is always a place to lock your bike up.

The Slickrock bike trail is AWESOME! You ride over the Moab sandstone and along sandstone cliffs. It was a little windy which made the cliff parts scary, but way fun.

The weather was really nice a warm. Got some nice sun burns and it felt good to wear shorts. It was really cold to come home to Price. Its amazing the temperature difference between 118 miles.

We decided from the very beginning that we would wear full face helmets when we do this stuff because of what Debbie Blackburn did on this very trail. She wrecked and had to have her jaw wired shut for months. We decided it would be much cheaper to just buy the helmets. We had a blast and definitely plan on doing this trail again.