Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Powell with the Heiners

On October 22-24 we ventured down to Beautiful Lake Powell. I don't think I have ever been down there this late in the year, but it was very pleasant. The water was cold enough that we never had to jump in just to "cool off" but of course we got in.
It was cold enough to wear our hoodies and blankets to go out in the boat.
But the water was glaaaaaaaaasssss. This was in Bullfrog Bay!

So of course we had to take advantage of it :)

We never even took the houseboat off the buoy (I have NO idea how to spell that. Boo-eee)

But we never had to worry about anchors. The lake was SOOOO not busy. Blake and I drove the boat from Bullfrog to Halls Creek and didn't see a single boat the whole way. It was like a deserted town. At the marina we finally saw some lady inside the marina store standing behind the counter board out of her mind.

I guess this is where ducks "fly south" for the winter. Lake Powell is where I would go.

We did some playing, and some reading, and some loungin around. I was a fun relaxing trip, and well worth the trip.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


ITS A GIRL!!!! We are pleased to announce an addition to our little family. I LOVE dogs. Grew up around them my whole life. Liesel doesn't like dogs, and neither does her whole family. I finally talked Liesel into getting a dog, even if it was just a small lap dog. I was desparate and would take anything I could get. Once she warmed up to the idea of even having a dog, Jake talked her into getting a dog capable of going hiking with us, so she decided she wanted a bigger dog, but not a huge dog. One day Jake and I went out to the pound just to see what they had. Well, of course we found a puppy that we all just fell in love with. I decided we should sleep on it, and the next day when we called the pound SHE WAS GONE!!! Turns out that night after we had been there, some second chance dog adoption place came and took 8 puppys, one of them being Tripp. We got the number to the place she was at it Murray, and reserved her as quick as we could. They wouldn't give her to us for 10 days, which gave us plenty of time to get ready for her. We went and picked her up and have Loved her more than we ever thought we would. She is a Boxer/Collie mix. She's pretty much a boxer with the nose and the smarts of a Collie. At 3 1/2 months old she could sit, shake, lay down, come, and she was even potty trained! The only couple of accidents she has had in the house were our fault for not noticing she was waiting at the door. We LOVE her to death!!!! And I feel like she is pretty fond of us as well :)

This is what she does when she gets in trouble.... She makes it so hard to be mad at her!

Her first trip to the vet to get her shots.

She LOVES hanging out on the bed with us. What a spoiled little girl

She really like getting under the covers.

Update on everything else...

On the weekend of Sept 19th we traveled down to Cedar City to see DP and Paige and Brett and Janeal. We pretty much just hung out, but on Saturday while it was warm we went snorkeling at Sand Hollow.

DP (Derek Potter)

Brett and Janeal Riche

Me :)

For labor day we went up Joes Valley and rode Reader Canyon with Clyde and Kylie. Blogging makes me realize how much we do with these two.


They had these cool bridges crossing the water


This is Grassey Lake. We wanna go camping here some day

Sweet views of Joes Valley Res

August 22 we camped out in Moab with Clyde and Kylie and Seth and Sierra. We camped in Fisher Towers and did the hike there. The next day we hiked Corona Arche and Mill Creek.

Mill Creek Falls

Awesome views

The towers

More towers

More towers

The TITAN in Fisher Towers

We went to corona arch again. Awsome arche

Me and Clyde even climbed on top... oopsy!

I really need to get me one of these :)


On the weekend of Oct. 16th and 17th we ventured down to Moab (imagine that) with the Jeep and a four wheeler. CLyde (Chris Howes) and his wife Kylie came down. We camped out in their huge 10 man tent with us four and the dog.
Clyde and Kylie on the four wheeler. We did "fins n things" trail in Sand Flats.
Tripp is definitely a Moab dog. She LOVES digging in the sand

Clyde makes for some good stopping power...

Sweeeeeet Jeep!

Clyde will only ride with me if he's wearing his helmet. Just kidden

TRIPP! Look at the camera!

It took Tripp a few minutes to figure out that it's easier to lay down while we drive. She LOVES her strawberry shortcake blanky

We watched a stock Grand Cherokee try and get up this. We walked right up it with ease...

I Love doing things with my Beautiful wife :)

BEAUTIFUL ride on a Beautiflu day.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

MOAB.... Blake and Becca

On August 8th we went to Moab with Blake and Becca. We hiked Devils Garden in Arches National Park and went to the swimming hole up Mill Creek.

Boys will be boys!
And they will catch lizards!

Sweet resting spot Blake found on the trail

Blake in a crack...

Blake in another crack :)

This was some indian writing on the Mill Creek hike

The water hole. WAY COLD!

This was a fun cliff jump, but you only have 6 or 7 feet of water to land in just below the fall. Everywhere else is about 2 feet deep.

You could tell it's cold by how we walked in it

And they will catch crawdads!!!

Can you tell Liesel wants to be a photographer?