Monday, March 28, 2011

Way behind...

So Mandy paid me a visit the other day, and she chastized me because according to my blog we've been camping at grassy lake for the last 8 months. Ha ha, guess we've had alot going on and have been neglecting telling everyone about the exciting things happening in our lives. Alot has happened, so here is a brief update of the most important things.....
The biggest thing is that we bought a new house! We sold our little home in Helper and we now live in Price. And man do we Love it. I had to move down the street from Mandy's in-laws so she no longer has a excuse not to visit me when she comes down to Price.

I graduated college! Talk about a relief..... That was a good long journey, but I'm glad for it to be over. I now have my Bachelors of Science in Business Management.
I learned how to grow a beard.....

So did Liesel

Without school taking up all of my time, I decided to learn something new. I am learning to play the guitar. We now have an accoustic to take camping, and my electric to play around with at home.

Of course we go camping in moab. This was our first trip this spring. Liesel, Tripp, and I camped and hiked Fisher Towers.

I went to the Linkin Park concert with Blake. Talk about AMAZING!!!! These guys are good live.

Traded in the Jeep for this rock crawler. This one is a little less expensive to keep running.

We really sold the jeep to get this. Our Polaris RZR S. This thing is so much fun! We can go right from our driveway, across the street, and out into the dirt hills. There are dirt roads for miles right out our front door.

This last weekend we ventured down to Moab with Clyde (Chris Howes) and his wife Kylie. We camped in and hike around Arches NP. Very cool campground.

Right from the campground we hiked to multiple arches. This one was called Tapestry Arch.

This one they call broken arch, because it is cracked right down the middle of it.

Had some stormy clouds, but it made for some cool pictures.

This one is Sand Dune Arch.

Saturday was nice and sunny. We took the four wheeler and RZR and did a trail called 7 mile rim. It follows the rim to the West of hwy 191 and North of hwy 313 (the one that goes to Dead Horse Point and Canyonlands Island in the Sky District.) This arch is along the trail and is called Uranium Arch.

The RZR is a perfect Moab toy. Here she is on our lunch break in between the Monitor and Mirramac Buttes. There's lots of Moab to see, and this is the toy to do it on. Liesel LOVES the RZR. She calls it hers and she didn't let me drive it all weekend. All I did was load and un-load it in the trailer. (She really would have let me, but I loved that she wanted to drive it so bad.)

So there's a brief update of our last 6 or so months. We also had a trip to Lake Powell with the Heiners, and a trip to Hawaii with my parents. (Don't have any of those pictures on my laptop.) Enjoy!