Monday, June 1, 2009

Moab AGAIN! Our Anniversary :)

May 30 is the best day EVER!! Saturday was our 1 year anniversary. Thursday night we drove home from Wyoming (brothers graduation) and packed up for our weekend trip. Friday afternoon we headed for Beautiful Moab.

We pulled into the outskirts of Moab and headed up Highway 313 to our campsite. We set up camp and headed up to Dead Horse Point to watch the sunset.

It was looking a little stormy, but never got bad. We didn't get our sunset, but the views were still AMAZING

Once it got dark we headed back to our camp. We had a fire and had our favorite meal, HOT DOGS over a fire :)

We used our lantern and coleman stove for the first time. Worked like a charm. We even had our second favorite meal for breakfast, pancakes. mmmmm....

Saturday morning we headed off for Canyonlands National Park, Island in the sky district. It really was like being on a huge island in the sky. Man was it amazing. The first little hike we did led us to this arche, called Mesa Arche. There is a straight cliff right in front of the arche, and the arche actually overhangs the cliff. An older gentleman there thought I was crazy for going on it.

The backdrop through the arche was definitely a sight.

This hike we did is called Whale Rock. There really wasn't anything to see, but the cool views.

This freak of nature is called Upheaval Dome. The cause of this us unknown, but scientists believe there are two possible reasons for this formation. One is called "Salt Dome"which this the underlying salt from an ancient sea forcing it's way to the surface. The other idea is the landing sight for a meteor. I like the meteor idea better

These pictures don't do the views justice. You definitely have to see it with your own eyes. This looking Southwest off the big island onto the path of the mighty Green River.

And this view is looking Southeast off the big island over the path and ruins left by the Colorado River. The Green and the Colorado meet just south of here. After Canyonlands we went into town for lunch, then went to Hole N" the Rock just south of town. We must have not got any pictures, but it was interesting. It's an old house/business that was dug and blasted out of the slickrock. Anyone that has seen the Hole in the rock in Hanksville (on the way to Powell) knows what it's like. It is a 5000 square foot home that is now used for tours and tales of the history behind the house. They have a mini zoo and gift shops.

We then took on our last hike of the day. This hike is up potash road. It is called Corona Arche. It was about a 3 mile hike, and along the way we saw this cave.

Along the hike there were cables to follow and even this little latter to climb a ledge.

This is Bow Tie arche. It was right before Corona.

And here is the Beautiful Liesel. Oh ya, and Corona arche somehow got in the picture :)

Corona arche is sometimes called Little Rainbow Brigde, because it is alot like Rainbow Bridge at Lake Powell

There are some BIG lizzards down there. This one was about a foot long, and he wasn't the biggest one we saw.

I would most definitely say this was our BEST anniversary :) Lookin forward to infinity more....