Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Powell with the Heiners

On October 22-24 we ventured down to Beautiful Lake Powell. I don't think I have ever been down there this late in the year, but it was very pleasant. The water was cold enough that we never had to jump in just to "cool off" but of course we got in.
It was cold enough to wear our hoodies and blankets to go out in the boat.
But the water was glaaaaaaaaasssss. This was in Bullfrog Bay!

So of course we had to take advantage of it :)

We never even took the houseboat off the buoy (I have NO idea how to spell that. Boo-eee)

But we never had to worry about anchors. The lake was SOOOO not busy. Blake and I drove the boat from Bullfrog to Halls Creek and didn't see a single boat the whole way. It was like a deserted town. At the marina we finally saw some lady inside the marina store standing behind the counter board out of her mind.

I guess this is where ducks "fly south" for the winter. Lake Powell is where I would go.

We did some playing, and some reading, and some loungin around. I was a fun relaxing trip, and well worth the trip.