Thursday, April 2, 2009

Arches NP

So on March 27-28 we again went to the Beautiful Moab. This time we went down with Jake and Amanda and some couples from the ward. We stayed in our Moab building again (because we had alot of kids with us) so I'm pretty stoked to actually go camping. We hiked arches all day Saturday.

We bought these annual passes so we plan on going alot more this summer.

The hikes were slow. I would blame the kids, but they were actually all in front. It was the slow parents :) Probably because they had to carry the small babies.

Delicate Arche is always a sight to see. It never fails to amaze us....

Liesel is quite the little rock climber :)

The little kids always wanted to go where us older "kids" were exploring.

We had lunch at this sweet picnic place. There's always somewhere to hike and explore in there.

Again with the views. We definitely live in the Promised Land!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


On March 19 - 22 we went to Moab for the first time in our Jeep :) We had alot of people there, family and friends. 2 jeeps and lots of four wheelers.

We did Hell's Revenge

The Moab Rim

And Poison Spider

We're really ruffin it huh! It's still cold outside, so we camped inside the empty Moab store. We had a pregnant sister in law. We all stayed cozey and warm...

The views are BEAUTIFUL!!!! Especially her :)

Goblin Valley

On March 14th we went to Goblin Valley. Neither of us worked, and the weather was great, so we wanted to do something fun. We took our friend Clyde (Chris Howes) and had a fun time hiking around.

My posts might be mostly pictures ha ha.

We even found this sweet little cave!

New Bloggers

Everyone keeps telling us that we need to get into this blogging business, so we are giving it a try. We love to play, so it'll be fun to show everyone what we are doing.