Thursday, July 30, 2009

MOAB MOAB MOAB.... Is that all we do???

On June 6th, 2009 we ventured off to Moab again. Only a week after our trip there for out anniversary. We sure do Love that place. This time we went with our good friends, Jake and Tiff Petty.
We did what is called the "Devils Garden" in Arches National Park.

There are alot of arches to see, I didn't even put them all on here. This is the first arch you come across, Pine Tree Arch.

This one is near Pine Tree arch, but I don't even remember what it is called.

Here we have the famous Landscape arch. It is the length of a football field, and as little as 11 feet thick in the middle.

This one is called Duble O Arch. You can see why. If you look closely you can see there is two arches stacked on one another.

The "fins" are definitely a sight. Kind of helps show how arches are formed.

Here's another arch. If I would have blogged right after the trip I would remember all these names. Ha ha

More fins.

This was a tree growing above the ground. Good spot for a picture and to get out of the sun for a minute.

Isn't she just BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!
Great time as always. Definitely plan on doing that hike again. To do the complete loop with all the side trails it turns out to be about 7 miles.