Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Devils Race Track

Saturday, May 16th we went to the San Rafeal Swell to ride the Devils Race Track. We went with Clyde and his girly (Kiley), Russel and Em, Gee, and one of Russels pharmacy friends. It was awesome weather and we had a great ride. These are the bridges of I-70. They are crazy huge
and of course we had to climb them :)

There were some cool arches there. We didn't even see the one we were planning on, but got two other surprise ones. This one is teapot arch

This tree is growing out of what they call the "Ice Box." It's just a few cracks and caves where you can go get out of the heat of the summer. This tree was looking for the sun.

Another little arch just after we crossed back over I-70 on the other side of the Swell.

The view were immaculate. We stopped on this cliff and threw rocks off for a while. They would EXPLODE at the bottom of the cliff. Awesome.......

It ended up being a 52 mile ride. Our arms got plenty of sun, and our butts were ready to get off the four wheeler.

At the end of the trail we did a hike that led us to this little hut, and a mine that had been dug out years ago. We had our flashlights all ready to explore this mine, but it ended up not being very deep. I guess everything seems bigger when you are a kid :)